onsdag 2 juli 2014

Shopping och middag

Uppdatering: KB:s dator översatte detta till engelska, orkar inte fixa det så ni får läsa det maskinöversatt:
Today worked Karna from a cafe and I walked around and checked out the town. Boulder has fewer inhabitants than Vasteras but there are more and more fun shops because people on average have more money. Had I had over 30000, I had bought this fossil:

But instead I bought a few books to pretend that you can have things in. Have long wanted to have that kind. 

And some clothes, including this dress:

What I had on me when we were out in the evening and celebrated chefs Karna nannies 30th birthday. I had the expectation nice, it was incredibly happy people. Very spiritually inclined also, among others, all to answer the question "How do you think it means to be an incarnate human being on this planet?" There were many varied answers, no one in the party had an uncomplicated relationship to the whole. Self, I noted that I have finally found myself in it, and it's nice. 

Nannyn, chefens syster, chefen, Karna, chefens kompis, nannyns kompis.

It was great to see the good and fun people Karnataka has around him, and the food was crazy good too. 

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